Our Guarantee

Announcing A Direct Response Marketing Agency That Will Guarantee To Outpull Your Best Ad.

If you are a small business owner, here is a no-risk offer from Nolan Direct.

We’ll guarantee to outpull your best ad by at least 10% in a split test.
If we don’t pull at least 10% more responses, you won’t owe us a penny for any work we’ve done – creative or otherwise. We’ll even refund half your media expense, to cover our half of the test.
If we’re able to beat your best ad by at least 10%, just pay us an agreed upon creative fee. If the test results are great, and we both wish to enter into a full-service agreement, then this fee will be fully refunded to you.

In a nutshell, we’re offering you a risk free trial of our marketing “pulling power”. Our work won’t cost you anything. There won't be any creative fees, product fees or media costs – unless we’re able to beat your best ad by at least 10%.

So What’s The Catch?

It’s simple…

1. You must be willing to let us create campaigns we think will sell. Except for legal and factual approval, we need to retain creative freedom. Of course, if an ad isn’t ours, if the copy or design has been modified, we can’t guarantee it’s success.

2. You must need better marketing. If we think your current campaigns are excellent, we’ll tell you. We’re not pretending to be the only direct response marketing agency that can turn out excellent work.

But if you’re among the majority of advertisers whose campaigns aren’t living up to their products full potential, we’re confident we can help. And perhaps you’d like to know more about us.

Who Is Nolan Direct?

Nolan Direct Is a full-service direct response marketing agency in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in creative advertising that sells. The past 7 years Nolan Direct has quietly grown to become of the most influential online direct response marketing agencies in North America. Our marketing courses have been downloaded by over 250,000 small business owners and counting and we’ve had over 35,000 people attend our live presentations. And now, due to staffing increases, we can continue to offer guaranteed results to even more small business owners.

How Can We Guarantee Results?

We’re willing and able to do what no other marketing firm will – guarantee our results – due to our total approach to direct response. It’s important to note that very few the ideas in this approach are original. They’ve been tested many, many times and are proven to sell. But the total combination of each pre-tested element makes for extremely powerful advertising. Here are a few key points:

1. Advertising Is Salesmanship In Print. Our whole approach to marketing is built on this fundamental idea. Every word, every picture in our advertising must justify itself with sales.

Of course, most agencies in direct response agree completely with the idea that ads must sell. But we know most of them don’t adopt it as a “way of life” like we do. Which is why we’re doing what no other agency would dare. Offer a 100% guarantee on our results.

2. Great Products Deserve Great Marketing. We believe that excellent advertising starts with an excellent product. Once we start working with a clients’ new product or service, we research it for weeks. We take it apart and look at it from all angles. We visit the place of business and talk with people who make the product. We interview it’s users and we even take it home ourselves!

We then compare it to the competition to figure out it’s Unique Selling Proposition. Once that is determined we build an entire campaign around it and demonstrate, without any shadow of a doubt, why it’s dramatically better than the competition and the ideal product to fill a customers needs.

We’ve tested time and time again and the results speak for themselves. A great product with great advertising is an almost unbeatable combination.

3. We Only Work With The Best. Excellent writers are very difficult to find! Thankfully, due to our “in the trenches” approach to advertising, we’ve developed relationships with some of the most influential copywriters in the world.

These wordsmiths are known the world over for creating multi-million dollar campaigns that generate a massive increases in sales immediately. You’ve more than likely seen their work featured on TV and in print many times before without even realizing it!

4. Our Copywriter Commission System. Copywriters are salesmen in print, so we reward them just like traditional salesman, with commissions. The more their ads sell, the more money they can make, with no limit. If you think this motivates them to create the best ad they can for you – you’re absolutely right!

5. A Constant Point Of Contact. During and after our initial test, an agency partner will supervise all work on your account. They will have day-to-day responsibility for anything done for you. You gain the experience of – and have immediate access to one of our key people at all times.

6. A Whole Greater Than The Sum Of It’s Parts. Bringing everything together into a “well oiled machine” is what makes work at Nolan Direct a joy. You’ll find our copywriters working around the clock, often until the wee hours of the morning, brainstorming to smash someone else's control ad to smithereens. We take pride in our work and it shows in our results.

What we are is a group of people that passionately believe in direct response and are excited to share it with our clients. Here are a few examples of the work we’ve done over the past 7 years:

How Have Our Clients Done?

We wish we could say we hit a home run every time, but of course we can’t. But by and large, our clients have done quite well. For Example:

A Guitar Store: We started working with this brand new guitar store in 2015. Through our targeted advertising campaigns they went from a few hundred customers to over 10,780 (last we checked) in less than 12 months. They went from struggling to start to having more customers than they could handle!

A Financial Services Provider: We set up a very simple ad campaign and e-mail sequence for our financial planner client. His appointment booking ratio increased by 150% in just 10 days. And now due to our very targeted campaigns, he only meets with the best prospects and never has to worry about an empty calendar!

A Security System Kickstarter Project: Our first campaign did so poorly that unfortunately we didn’t get a second chance. But due to our guarantee, we took the loss, not the client.

A Wholistic Service Provider: “The best return on any advertising I’ve done in 30 years” is what our shocked client told us. Now whenever our client needs new business, she just sends out a pre-written e-mail and is booked solid for weeks. The best part about this campaign – she only paid for the advertising once, but continues to reap the benefits months later!

A Paid Subscription Newsletter: This client attended one of our 8 week long Marketing Bootcamps with the goal of increasing the number of subscribers to his paid newsletter. His comments speak for themselves “This thing works! It works insanely well. I just got to checking the stats of my paid newsletter and ahjsdgashjdgashsjfg, the feeling to see those sales coming in while you know you didn’t have to lift a finger for them is just… ecstatic. Not too long ago I had to work an entire week, 35 hours to make the same money as on this day alone!”

A Local Restaurant:  Over the course of 3 months, without spending anything on advertising, we were able to take this restaurant from only being busy on Friday, Sat & Sunday – to being packed every night with a wait list on the weekends! All this was done through simple digital coupons and a very effective e-mail campaign. The best part – we set it up so if the owner ever needs business today, all he has to do is send 1 pre-written e-mail.

A Professional Coach: We worked hand-in-hand with this very well known lifestyle and business coach to help him develop an autowebinar that now generates over $500,000 in revenue each month. This campaign allowed him to scale from $25,000 / month to $8,000,000+ per year over the course of 2 years without having to change the webinar at all. This campaign, which costs less than $15,000 to produce has netted more than $15,000,000 in 2 years!

What Should You Do If You’re Interested?

If you’re interested in us and our unique offer we’d love to chat with you and see if we can help. Simply schedule your FREE 1 hour strategy session using the button below. If possible, please attach (or link to) your most successful marketing effort and any literature that might help.

On average we feel we can beat 8 out of 10 ads currently in direct response. This may sound bold – but we back up our confidence with our own money. The best part about our “guaranteed results” offer is that you don’t risk a cent.

To take us up on our offer, and learn more about how we can help, click the button below to book your FREE 1 hour Strategy Session. We look forward to speaking with you.

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