Discount + Act Now Campaign

The Discount + Act Now Campaign


Difficulty to setup: 2/5
Effectiveness: 3/5

If the product or service you're selling is unique or has built in scarcity, this is an excellent promotion type. It's one I've used across several service and retail based businesses. In one case, this simple campaign generated the best ROI our client has seen in 30+ years in business.

Here is how this campaign works: 

Your customer is browsing Facebook. All of a sudden they see an ad for a product or service they're interested in. The ad offers a service or a product that is only available for a limited time. Either because of physical inventory, scheduling or availability. 

The ad offers a significant monetary discount. The ad leads them to a website where they register to get their coupon. Once they enter their name and e-mail they're redirected to a page to take advantage of the coupon today. The customer is told to call a number, book an appointment and reference a special coupon code that is expiring shortly.

The customer calls a 1-800 # (available from and leaves a message to book an appointment or reserve an item. You can then call the customer back at your convenience to confirm the schedule.

Alternatively, a live operator can answer the phone and book the appointment or process the sale.


This is a very simple, easy to setup campaign that can yield excellent results. Not only does it build you a list in the process, but it convinces prospects to act immediately to take advantage of your discount offer. This is an excellent campaign for local service type businesses.


While minimal, there is some tech setup involved. The easiest way to create these landing pages is with a tool like ClickFunnels or LeadPages. A template is provided below to create one of these for yourself in ClickFunnels. 

Demo Video

Setup Video

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Discount + Act Now Campaign

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