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Week 3 – Transform Form Your Marketing

We've defined our ideal customers, sent out our first promotions and now it's time to transform the rest of your marketing. In order for you “business machine” to be working at peak performance it's important your marketing message is consistent across all your platforms.

This week you'll learn a formula you can apply to all your current marketing messages to ensure they generate the highest return on your time and dollar invested as possible. You'll create something called a “swipe” file and learn how to spot, and mimic successful ads before you even spend a dime.

Watch the video below, take notes and then start refining your marketing. And as always, if you have any questions, just let me know!


Click Here To Download The Week 3 Workbook

Week 3 Video


  • Review high performing advertising pieces at www.swiped.co and in The Vault
  • Download the free tool Evernote & use it to save your favourite promotions
  • Collect all your marketing materials
  • Rewrite all marketing materials to meet direct marketing standards
  • Add more items to your swipe file (always keep this growing!)
  • Pick 1 new book to read from the “Recommended Reading” section & finish half of it
  • Find at least 10 ads or marketing materials your competition uses and analyze them (headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, guarantee, scarcity, call to action, etc)
  • Continue to grow your leads list through advertising