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Week 4 – Building A Sales Funnel

One of the great things about having a house list is that you can use it to literally generate sales on demand. However, one of the other fringe benefits is that you can use it to automate your entire sales process. From educating a prospect, all the way through to closing a sale. Everything can be automated.

Building your sales funnel, and following up with your customers, is one of the easiest ways to increase your profit margin. It gets leads to buy, and customers to buy more. It's one of the fastest ways to scale your business. People that have bought from you previously, are much more likely to buy from you again.

In this week we'll talk about how to create a follow up sequence that educates and nurtures your leads and clients. You'll learn several different promotions you can run and a very effective marketing technique  you called the “2 Voices technique”. This little trick gets your subscribers to open, read and act on all your promotions!


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Week 4 Video


  • Sign up for Active Campaign if you haven’t already
  • Write 7 follow up e-mails
  • Write 1 promotional e-mail sequence
  • Send them to me for review.
  • Put them in a follow up sequence in Active Campaign
  • Start building your house list if you haven’t already
  • Review e-mail examples
  • Finish reading the book you started last week