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Week 5 – Adding Upsells & Downsells

“Would you like fries with that” – The 6 words that sold billions of dollars of fast food and turned a $3 sandwich into a $5 combo. Nearly instantly doubling the value of the customer! McDonalds certainly didn't invent the idea of the “upsell” but they did perfect it. And the same thing can be easily done with your business as well.

Whether you're selling online, face to face, or in a retail location simply asking your customers if they'd like other add on products or services will dramatically increase your profit. Not only does it increase your bottom line, but it also enhances the customer experience. By giving your customers the option to purchase other items to enhance your product or service – you're doing them a favour!

Watch this weeks video and learn how to create and promote upsell items for your business. If you have any questions, or there is anything I can do to help – just let me know.

– Adam

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  • Create a more expensive offer.
  • Create a less expensive offer.
  • Use your swipe files to create a short promotion (4 Day Cash Machine, Pain-Pain-Promo, etc).
  • Send to me for review.
  • Send to your subscribers & count the sales!
  • Add to your sales process and funnel. Make sure all staff knows!
  • Finish reading the two marketing books you chose from the recommended reading section.